Which is best proxy server for Free use

Do you facing restriction to access sites like torrent, music site, youtube, facebook, etc at workplaces? If yes, then this post will help you to solve this issue in easy steps. You might have listen the name of the web proxy sites which helps to bypass any blocked site.

We can watch, upload and share anything on this platform. Generally, such sites are blocked by administrator to avoid the waste of time in schools and colleges. I too faced such issues many times and even I was unable to open Facebook when required. I found web proxy sites working great to solve the problem.

 proxy server

best proxy server

If you are also facing this issue at your school or workplace then must read this post. The post deals with the top best proxy sites to unblock site in 2016. They are safe and secure which requires no registration. You can also manage the cookies and data on such sites.

Does your government block any useful website in your area? or Do your college admin block all the popular sites like music, youtube, torrents in their network? Then, here is the only solution to access it safely. It does not matter whether site is blocked through ISP or network. In this post, we will provide you the detail list of top Proxy sites to unblock any site at schools and colleges 2016.


This is yet another one of my favorite web proxy services these days. It is popular and trusted platform which is being used by many peoples. The user interface looks impressive which makes it easy to access various features. You have follow the same procedure here as above. Go to Homepage and enter the site URL to unblock it. Proxysite is professional online service available to unblock any site within seconds.

It has major of its service location in US and Europe. The service is not made available to all places. They have simple advertising ads which are not irritating. It does not have any pop-ups or adult ads. They also allow users to manage the cookies and edit the identity online. You can also enjoy this service from various device variant. If this service is not available at your place then no problem let’s check the next one below that will surely work for you.


Green Proxy

Green Proxy is an online tool which can be used for unblocking sites like YouTube, Twitter, facebook, etc. It is absolutely a free service where user just need to put the URL on the homepage and access the blocked site. It requires nor registration and signup for use.

The tool will hide you identity from outside and provide shield protection. This is safe proxy tool for unblocking any site at schools and colleges. The homepage URL is https://www.greenproxy.net. Users can connect to sites via secure server location and IP address. The service is US based and may not work everywhere.

Green Proxy


UnblockMyWeb is a free online proxy tool which offers fast and secure services. You can use this tool for unblocking sites like music site, facebook, youtube, etc. It will hide your id address and create a new one. It will help you to access site from a securable platform.

The site is perfectly suited for getting the access to YouTube if blocked at workplace. Users must try this tool once if they are facing any restriction issue to videos sites at schools and colleges. It supports the 256bit in number SSL encoded passage. The search box is available on homepage where you can enter the URL and access the site.

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